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Home Extensions & Conversions

Maximise your available space with bespoke house extensions and conversions.

Are you looking to maximise the available areas on your property with a new house extension? Or perhaps you want to use wasted space in your home with a loft conversion, or a cellar conversion? Whatever you have in mind, we can make it a reality. Get in touch today.

If your family is growing or you just feel like you want more space at home, an extension to your house or a conversion of existing, under-utilised areas can be the ideal solution. You get more space to use exactly as you want, without the need to move to a new house! 

Extend your existing property.

We’ve got years of experience in home extensions and conversions, completing all kinds of projects, from small kitchen extensions to whole cellar conversions. Whether you want a new bedroom in your loft, an additional downstairs room in your garage or a whole new area of your home built onto the dining room, we can help!

We can cover every single part of your home extension or conversion project – from an initial discussion on your plans, expectations and timescales, to full architectural designs, planning permissions and groundwork. After all the building work, electrics and plumbing is complete, we can even decorate your new room for you! 

Take a look through our gallery above, and you’ll get a feel for the kinds of home extensions we can design and build for you. However big or small you’d like your extension to be, we can make it a reality. 

Convert your Cellar, Loft or Garage

Anything you like

We’ll discuss all your ideas with you and let you know exactly what’s possible. We’ll help you plan the best use of land around your home, and decide together how to use the new space to maximum effect. 

We can build you a brand new utility room to give you more space in your kitchen – fully fitted with all plumbing and electrics. Or we can extend your entire house at the back, creating a large new dining area, new kitchen, or even a new downstairs bedroom and toilet! The choice is yours! 


We take care of every little detail.

All groundworks, building, joinery, electrical work, plumbing, decorating – and even the final cleaning – is completed by fully trained professionals, so you can rest assured you’re getting the highest quality results. 

Convert your Cellar, loft or garage.

We also specialise in garage, loft and cellar conversions, as you can see.

Converting an old room in your house is a great way to bring new life to a neglected area – and cellar or loft conversions are perfect if you’ve got growing children.
Kids love having their own room specifically created for them; it’s a blank slate for them to design their dream bedroom. We can help you transform a loft, cellar or garage into an incredible new room – including any damp-proofing, roofing work, flooring requirements and new access points.

We love adding exciting new fittings and fixtures too – like bespoke wardrobes, secret doorways or any other little touches that your kids will love!

You can customise your new living space however you’d like, choosing the doors, windows, skylights and materials that fit with the style you have in mind.

 Just get in touch for a friendly chat, and we’ll listen to your ideas and help you come up with the perfect solution for your requirements.

Remember, with us you can decide exactly what you’d like – pick and choose what works for you, so you’re not stuck with packages or pre-designed options that aren’t right for you.

Let's see how we can help you transform your home.