W and W Building & Planned Maintenance Ltd. 

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Why choose W and W ?


Most importantly, when you choose us you’ll get workers you can trust and an outstanding job for a fair price – all completed on time, and to the highest possible standards


Whatever kind of plans you have for your home, we can help. From fitting new doors to a complete outdoor extension, we have the skills and the dedication for any task.


We can start with architectural plans, building permissions and structural engineers, and finish with the final decorating and thorough cleaning. The choice is up to you.


If you just want someone you can trust to manage the whole project without any worry and get the job done, we are the guys for you.


Most importantly, when you choose us you’ll get workers you can trust and an outstanding job for a fair price – all completed on time, and to the highest possible standards

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We take care of every little detail.

We don’t hand the work off to other contractors; we oversee every single part of every project, making sure that every little task is finished correctly. We plan projects down to the smallest detail, to make sure all tradespeople know exactly when they are required, improving efficiencies, minimising time, and maximising results! And we do this for every project – even if it’s just a small, one-off job

We're extremely experienced & knowledgeable

You’re trusting your home to us, so it’s vital that you know we’re competent and experienced in everything we do. We’ve been running a successful limited company for over 11 years now, and we pride ourselves on the work we do. We treat every job we take with the same attitude; professional and thorough from start to finish.

We make sure you understand every aspect of a project too. If we think something won’t work, we’ll be honest and let you know, giving you a range of options to help you make the best decision possible.  

We're trusted by schools & businesses.

As well as working with homeowners like you, we’ve completed a wide range of extensive projects for schools and businesses around Greater Manchester and the North West. Many schools employ us are their preferred building and planned maintenance contractors, and you’ll often find us building new classrooms, outdoor areas or bespoke cupboards and lockers over the school holidays!

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We're organised & tidy

We like to take care of everything for you, and you’ll find our planning and arrangements are extremely thorough. We know there’s nothing worse than waiting around, or projects stalling because someone or something isn’t available.

We’re extremely tidy too, both as we work and at the end of each day. And we make sure all projects are completely finished, bringing in a professional cleaner to ensure we leave your house in tip-top condition, ready to enjoy right away

We're a friendly, caring bunch

If you need anything at all during your home improvement project – big or small – we are always on call and regularly checking in. Seriously, we want to answer any and all questions you have to make sure you’re completely satisfied. We really do want to help you make your perfect dream home.